2012-10-07_1909-resized-600Thanksgiving is fast approaching and family is starting to arrive for the great day.  Take the time to enjoy them because that is what it’s really all about  – not the Turkey dinner and football (although we all look forward to them too).

Here are some simple arrangements for your Thanksgiving table that will save you time and allow you to spend more time with your guests.  If they are visiting already, put them to work too.  You can visit while you get things ready.


1.  A cornucopia represents a bountiful harvest and looks great on the table.  I think this one is made of bread but there are others available in ceramic and basket form.  Just add a beautiful array of fresh fruits and or vegetables.  The addition of the wheat shafts and greenery gives this arrangement a polished look. As a bonus, you get to eat the decorations but probably not until the next day if you are full after the main meal like I always am.  via


2.  Here’s another idea for a display.  A large basket with the fruits and veggies flowing out of it.  It’s simple and colorful.  via


3.  You don’t even need an actual container – you can just spread the fall bounty down the center of the table like this photo.  The candles add instant warmth.  via

2012-10-12_1644-resized-6004.  Having an evening dinner?  No problem, put some branches lit with battery operated mini lights in a bucket and toss around some pumpkins and squash for a casual fall look.  source unknown


5.  Head over to the craft store and get some beautiful pheasant feathers to make these place settings.  They are simple but sophisticated!  via

sfgate-resized-6006.  Check out in your garden for some rosemary or other herbs to make these adorable napkin rings.  They are easy to make with some thin wire and smell wonderful too!  via

 I wish each and everyone of you a fabulous and loving Thanksgiving!  Remember to tell others that you are thankful they are in your lives and give back some of yourself to others who are not as fortunate.