It is officially spring time and I’m ready – are you?

spring_tulips-resized-6001.  Tulips of every color signal springtime and an awakening from winter.

spring_colors-resized-6002.  Think about the colors of spring and start decorating all around the house.

spring_branch-resized-6003.  A great way to perk up your house for spring is to put a flowering branch in a vase and call it a day!  It’s dramatic enough all by itself.

spring_bulbs-resized-6004.  Spring bulbs wrapped in burlap can be a very charming decoration – and very simple to make.

cheery_yellow-resized-6005.  Choosing cheery yellow for your accents definitely signals spring.  It’s uplifting and happy.

aqua_3-resized-6006.  Aqua is another soft color for springtime decorating.  It’s especially effective on the West side of the house.

spring_colored_doormat-resized-6007.  Don’t you just love this cheerful door mat?  It’s made from blocks of wood painted different colors and put together with steel rods.


8.  Here is another way to use rainboots to decorate.  If your branches are in a vase you can always pull it out when it starts showering and be ready to splash in the rain.


9.  How about some new glasses with chirping birds?  That would look great in your spring table setting.

spring-resized-60010.  Here is a beautiful spring table setting – just pick whatever is blooming in the garden and display in tall glass vases.  The bird glasses would look wonderful here too.

Bring on the sunshine and have a great day!!