Now that spring is finally here and we are spending more time outdoors swings come to mind.  Here are some to spark your imagination and bring out the child in you.  Why not incorporate a swing into your outdoor design plan?

porch_swing_6-resized-6001.  Wouldn’t it be great to swing on these while relaxing on the porch with the surf pounding in the background?

porch_swing_2-resized-6002.  Here is a simple homemade porch swing.  Add a few colorful pillows and you are ready to go.  Maybe a little bit of a back would keep the pillows in place.

porch_swing_3-resized-6003.  Wow, this slatted wooden swing is right in the middle of the garden and the dinner table is within easy reach.

swing-resized-6004.  Swings can be made of many materials and this one is rattan.

porch_swing_4-resized-6005.  Here is a hefty porch swing with tons of colorful pillows and an outdoor fan – perfect for hot summer days.

porch_swing_5-resized-6006.  This is more of a swinging bed but that works for me too, especially with the ocean nearby an the sound of the waves lulling me to sleep.

Now I’m in the mood to just relax for awhile and enjoy the outdoors.  How about you?