Spring is a happy time of year and all the little things that signal it are popping up all around us.  Today I just want to share some of them with you to make you happy!

hometalk.com-boots-resized-6001. Rain boots might be still needed but these are an adorable decoration for spring.   Via

2013-02-14_1005-resized-6002.  WOW – that sure tells the story of winter fading away to spring.  All the colorful bulbs of spring are quite easy to grow and a welcome sight once the cold weather starts to fade. source unknown

apple_blossoms-resized-6003.  The blooming of fruit trees like these apple blossoms is a beautiful signal to spring. A few branches stuck in a vase make a huge statement with basically no work.  Via

tulipssplenderosa.com-_tulips-resized-6004.  Of course tulips fit the bill too.  Very elegant when arranged in a tall vase.  Via

homebunch.com-bringing_spring_home-resized-6005. Daffodils are also cheery reminders of spring and an inexpensive grouping makes a really beautiful statement in the house or in a large planting outdoors.  They are quite easy to grow and don’t require replanting each year like tulips do.    Via

2013-01-05_1848_001-resized-6006.  Spring is also a time for the rebirth of animals and this lamb is so adorable, who wouldn’t love it.  Can’t you just see it romping in the fields with little yellow chicks chasing all around? Source: Facebook-Dream Catchers

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot-watering_can-resized-6007.  So nurture your plants and yourself and watch the great results before you know it.  Via