When you walk into a room there should always be a focal point that draws you further in.  If there is none the eye is confused and doesn’t know where to focus. 


In this foyer the entry is framed with a stone surround and columns so the eye is drawn to the center table. 

A beautiful staircase might also be the focal point of the entry. 

The large contemporary art and bench immediately draw your eye and are helped along by the inset mirror in the ceiling. The grouping of three at the end of the entry is good Interior Design. 

Sometimes it’s the outside view that draws you into the room. 

Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room and in this case the two sculptural lamps frame the subject. 

 Color can be used as a focal point in a neutral room and in this space blue chairs draw your eye first and the secondary feature is the antique mirror. 

 One bold element like this rug can create the focal point and the gold throw further brings the eye into the room.

Here the paint color of the back wall serves as the focal point, adds some zest and anchors the room. 

 Lighting can also be the focal point, as in this hallway where you are drawn through it by the light fixtures. This lighting design serves two purposes.


Our eyes are also drawn to any light source so here the dramatic backlighting creates drama as the focal point of the room.  It’s another example of how good lighting design impacts a room.



Take a look at your rooms now and see if you have effective focal points for your own space and see what Interior Design tricks you can use to improve it.