super_bowl_Harbaugh_vs_Harbaugh-resized-600Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year with millions of people either there in person or glued to the TV or at a party rooting for their favorite team.  I’m from California so of course I’m for the 49ers!

2013-01-30_1341http___www.houzz.com_trk_aHR0cDovL3d3dy5qYXNvbmJhbGxpbnRlcmlvcnMuY29t_df7fb50cf7a829d2923dc8017da29e66_user_88087-resized-6001.  There are a few things to have ready if you are having the gang over for the big game.  Comfortable seating where everyone can get a good view of the screen is essential!  Remember if there are kids going to be there too to provide some floor pillows if you are short on seating.  Also make sure there is plenty of room for people to jump up and cheer for their favorite team.  Move any unnecessary items out of the way.  Via  If you have a Theater room even better.  Everyone loves a really large screen and the acoustics in these rooms are amazing too.  Some rooms might even have more than one screen so different stations can be watched at the same time.  Via  Equally important is having adequate food and drink handy for your guests.  Be sure there is plenty of beer and soda on ice and serve hearty finger food set up nearby so everyone can serve themselves.  It’s best if it’s not messy food which could make for a lot of clean up afterword.  Also provide a large easily identifiable place for the trash so they don’t leave messes lying all around the room when the party is over.  You should provide separate labeled containers for recyclables too to make your job easier.  Via  If you have a game room, pool table or ping pong table nearby all the better.  It can provide some other distractions during half time or if the game gets slow.  These days the commercials are an important part of the show so you may not need them until after the game. If you have easy access to outdoors your friends can throw a pigskin around a little before and after the game too to get some fresh air and work off all that tension. Via


Enjoy the day and may the best team win!