Many people spend long hours each day sitting at their desks working on the computer so it’s very important to have good ergonomics for your work space.


1.  Even if you are using a portable computer and you will be sitting for a period of time you will need to be sure you are sitting in a chair that supports you properly and take breaks regularly.  Via

2.  Everyone is a little different and there are several different positions you can try to see which is most comfortable for you.  This inclined position may suit you well.  Via If you are more comfortable in this reclined position, it can also work and give you the support you need.  Via  A standing work station is very easy on the back and suits many people well.  Notice that you still need to keep your body erect and balanced over your legs and hips.  Via


5.  Proper typing positions are also a part of proper ergonomics while working at the computer. Be sure your keyboard is at the proper height and angle for the position you are sitting in.  Using an ergonomic keyboard is also helpful and may take a little getting used to but easy to use once you get the hang of it.  Via  Bad posture will lead to fatigue and back problems so make the effort to be sure your work space is properly configured and take breaks often!  Via