If you are expecting a new baby your life is in for a major change, especially if it’s your first one.  I have six kids, eight grandkids and two great grandkids so I should know!

baby_sleeping-resized-600Babies are actually pretty easy in the beginning except for that “not getting any sleep” part.  An essential solution is to get a really good rocking chair because you will spend a lot of time in it.


1.  When your baby is still really new you might like this combination rocker cradle or…………


2.  if the budget is not a concern you might want this custom one!


3.  Of course as an Interior Designer I think style is important but function rules here and comfort is king!  This chair can easily work in any room of the house.


4.  Style seems to be the most important feature of this chair but it might be very comfortable – you’d have to try it to see.  The contemporary and sleek line make it perfect for a playful and unique room.

modern_rocker_by_Montedesign.net-resized-6005.   http://montedesign.net/ sells this stylish modern rocker that also looks very comfortable.

slip_covered_seen_on_babliedudesanddivas-resized-6006.  A washable slip cover for your upholstered rocker is a good idea as babies have been known to spit up and drool!

shabby_chenille_rocking_chair_at_babybedding-resized-600Of course there is nothing wrong with a padded classic wooden rocking chair either.  The cusions can be easily cleaned or replaced and they don’t take up much room.  You might need to use pillows on the arms but that will work just fine.  These rocking chair pads are available at http://babybedding.com/

Wishing you congratulations and many years of joy with your new baby.