With Thanksgiving behind us it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas.  Why is it that every year we suddenly realize that it’s only a few weeks away?  Gotta get those Christmas photos taken and ready to make into cards.

kitty_-_love_chirstmas_-_Facebook-resized-6001.  Isn’t this adorable?  I’m not sure I could get my cat to sit still for this though.  Maybe the photographer had a really fast lens!  Photo from Love Christmas on Facebook

dogs_-_love_chirstmas_-facebook-resized-6002.  OK – deck the dog with Christmas lights, reindeer horns and hats for the Christmas Card photo.  This also wouldn’t last long but it sure is cute.  Photo from Love Christmas on Facebook

Allwomenstalk-resized-6003.  Of course if you dress the dog up for the photos and then let it run around outside afterward you might do better.  By the look on his face he’s been promised a treat and is waiting patiently.  Photo by Allwomenstalk.com

ccpet-resized-6004.  This photo from ccpet.com is perfect.  We all know how much kittens love to play in boxes so it might be destroyed after the photo but it’s only fair to let him play with the box when you are done shooting.

sandygomagazine-resized-6005.  These little guys are bundled snug in their stockings and hung by the fireplace.  Maybe they will just go to sleep when the photo shoot is over. Would you?  PhotoSandygomagazine.com

teddyhilton-resized-6006.  If your pets happen to be pigs they can still pose for Christmas like these from teddyhilton.com

fanpop-resized-6007.  Got a mouse or hamster pet?  Dress them up and share them with your friends and family.  Afterall they are part of the family too.  Photo fanpop.com

lifestyle.yahoo.co.nz-resized-6008.  Bunnies aren’t just for Easter,  If  you have pet bunnies like my brother Barry why not get them dolled up for the Christmas holidays too?  They may not like it but it would make a cute Christmas card.  Photo from lifestyle.yahoo.co.nz

madebymyrabbit-resized-6009.  This cat has the perfect Scrooge face and would make a great Christmas card.  Photo bymadebymyrabbit.com

thestrandvet.co.nz-resized-60010.  Of course if you are really good you can get the whole family together for a photo and I give you lots of credit for being able to herd cats!  Photo from thestrandvet.co.nz