March Madness has been in full swing at my house. My husband is thrilled because Syracuse is in the final four and he’s planning to see them go all the way!  As you might guess, that’s his Alma Mater.  That means he will be out of town and I will have a chance to do some Spring Cleaning projects around the house.


Go Syracuse!!

Meanwhile back at the house, here are some handy hints for household cleaning:'s_friend-resized-600

 1.  Start with something easy for an annoying situation – metal marks on your dishes or porcelain sink.  Use powdered Bar Keeper’s Friend and they clean up instantly!  I love this stuff – it’s also good for cleaning lots of metal products and works great.  I have never tired the liquid version but have been very happy with the powdered kind.  It’s in a gold can in the grocery store by the scouring powder.  Via  Here’s a great trick for getting those towels fluffy and soft again.  First wash the towels with 1 Cup white vinegar on the hot cycle. (NO SOAP)  That takes out all the old soap scum left from previous washings.  Then wash them again with 1/2 Cup Baking Soda (NO SOAP) on the hot cycle.  Next put in dryer to finish and they will come out fluffier and softer and smell good too. Via  Need to clean your microfiber furniture but don’t know how?  Here is a solution I found on line.  DO NOT CLEAN WITH WATER – it will leave a spot when it dries. Instead, vacuum thoroughly  and then spray rubbing alcohol over the fabric to be cleaned.  Test in a hidden spot first if you are concerned about color fastness.  Rub the sprayed area vigorously with a clean color free sponge (so the color will not transfer to the fabric). Let it dry completely; it may appear stiff.  Next rub with a clean soft (no color again) brush in a circular motion to rough up the surface and make the fabric soft again.     Via  Have pet stains you haven’t been able to get rid of?  Here is a solution to try.  This is another solution I found on line but it makes sense so I hope it works for you.  Pour on enough white vinegar to soak the stain and then add a small amount of baking soda.  Do not do it the reverse order or the soda will activate too much and create a bubbly mess.  Let it air dry for one to two days and then sweep and vacuum up the residue.  The baking soda absorbs the stain. Via  Have a gunked up showerhead? Here’s an easy way to clean it.  Put 1/3 cup baking powder into a heavy duty plastic bag and SLOWLY add 1 Cup white vinegar; it will create an explosive action when they combine so be careful.  Immerse the showerhead into the solution and secure tightly with a twistee.  Let it soak overnight or for 3-4 hours.  When done, remove bag and solution and rise before using showerhead.  Now you will have a nice full spray again. Via


 6.  If you haven’t discovered Magic Eraser yet – hurry to the store right now!!  This wonderful product cleans lots of different items with very little effort and really does seem like magic.  It will clean scuff marks on the floor, magically make tennis shoes look like new, clean grout, works great on all sorts of plastic items, set in tea and coffee stain, cars, boats and wheels.  Try it -you’ll like it!  They come two to a box and are available in grocery stores and drug stores.  All you have to do it slightly wet the pad and then rub it on the item you want to clean.  Over time it starts to fall apart like an eraser but it does a terrific job on many items around the house and then you just use the other one in the package. Via

I guess you noticed that white vinegar and baking soda are your friends so be sure to keep them on hand at all times.

Go Syracuse!!