Have you noticed that kids need LOTS of room for their things and they take over the whole house?  Storage solutions can help keep the clutter under control

bikes-resized-6001.  Start in the garage to make room for all their bikes and sports equipment.  Hanging them for ease of access and storage also takes up less floor space. via

wittconstruction-resized-6002.  The next step is a mudroom with divided cubbies for each family member to store their things.  Having a seat is a great bonus for putting on shoes, boots, etc. and hooks and cubbies are essential.  You could include a charging station for each cubby too so electronics can be charged without cluttering up the kitchen or bedroom. Via

school_lockers_2-resized-6003.  If you don’t have a back entrance for a mudroom you could find some old school lockers and install them in a corner of the family room or game room.  They haver personality and charm as well as being practical. Photo source unknown

homedit-resized-6004.  Although this picture shows drawers under the stairs used for dog  food and leashes, it would be a perfect place to quickly store the kids clutter from nearby rooms. via

playroom_under_stairs-resized-6005.  Here is another clever usage of that under stairs area.  Make it a playroom with a curtain.  Kids love little confined spaces and enjoy having their own little spaces.  Later it can be converted to a closet or built-ins. Via

attic_playroom-resized-6006.  Speaking of having a space of their own – a converted attic is perfect for all their activities, easily organized and out of site.  This room addresses it all with a play table for art projects, a place to watch their own TV and play video games and lots of storage built in along the side walls.  The low ceiling creates an intimate room that’s all theirs!  Photo source unknown

windandwillowhome.bigcartel.com-chalkboard7.  Here is another play room oall for the kids.  The chalkboard wall makes good use of the space and baskets are easy to use for loose toys.  The baskets look nicer when they are obscure but clear plastic ones make it easier for the kids to find the toys they are looking for.  The roadway rug also does double duty as a racetrack and rug.  Via

My next blog will feature some clever storage ideas inside the children’s rooms to help keep the chaos to a minimum!  Stay tuned.