An organic style of furniture that is gaining momentum in the marketplace these days is called Live Edge Design.  It is composed of a slab of wood cut from a tree without the edges being cut off so it has a undulating edge.  The natural shape and beauty of the wood graining is preserved.

 black walnut coffee_table_john_houshmand-resized-600

1.  Thhis stunning live edge coffee table is made with a waerfall edge and is supported by a simple piece of temepered glass. Via

raw_wood_before_furniture_hand_cut_and_carved-resized-6002.  This is the way the raw wood starts before it becomes unique pieces of furniture.  Large slabs are cut from the tree and individually selected for the pieces being made. Source unknown

reclaimed_slab_table_-_John_Lore-resized-6003.  It takes large trees to make dining tables or conference room tables with live edges.  This one is made by book matching two pieces and fastening them together in the center so both long edges of the table are “live”.  Via  Benches can be made with live edges too so you have a complete matching set.  Via

asianartimports_table-resized-6005.  This table was made from a very large truck that was cut in a slice though the trunk instead of a slice along the length.  It takes an extremely large tree to make a round table like this.  The root trunk base make the whole piece organic looking.  Via

schwartzandarchitecture.com_-_3_rounds-resized-6006.  Individual tree round make unique coffee table and these have wheels to make them easy to move around too.  The natural cracks in the rounds add character and the stripped sides make them a little less rustic.  Via

These pieces of furniture may look so simple they would be inexpensive, but that is not the case.  Most are made to very high standards and are not for the budget minded client.