Have you got a basic little black dress? It’s always appropriate no matter where you go.  Well it works in home decorating too.  White and all other colors look great with black so you can’t go wrong.

black_dining_room_Ralph_Lauren-resized-6001.  Here is a black dining room designed by Ralph Lauren. It’s intimate and elegant.  I would certainly love to entertain in a beautiful dining room like this or better yet, be a guest!

Black_kitchen_Tyler_Florence-resized-6002. Designer Tyler Florence created this black kitchen.  You need a large open room like this to carry it off but it works perfectly here.  It brings everything into scale in such a large space.

black_kitchen-resized-6003.  Here is another black kitchen that works.  It’s broken up with glass front cabinets and lots of white on the ceiling, floor and counter.  Notice that they painted out the window in black to to keep the whole room cohesive.

black_&_white_bath-resized-6004.  Of course a black bathroom can be stunning like this one.  The bold stripes add to the drama and the beautiful black marble adds the elegance.  I would have used more elegant wastebaskets and the same color baseboards as the wallpaper white, however.

black_2-resized-6005. This black bedroom is a keeper too and has a masculine feeling that’s quite cozy.  Since bedrooms are used mostly at night black isn’t out of character in this room.  The animal skins add a punch of white just for a little bold contrast.

black_-cococozy-resized-6006.  Could you live with a black living room.  It works nicely in this room so it might be worth considering a black and white color scheme.  If you added a yellow, red or orange pillow the room would pop to life.  Photo via Cococozy

black4-resized-6006.  This room is fully furnished with black furniture and a black granite fireplace.  A lighter rug creates silhouettes for the furniture so it doesn’t get lost and the black draperies frame the wall of windows.  It’s a very calm room that would be easy to unwind in at the end of the day.

black_&_white_Amy_Howard-resized-6007.  The black cabinets here are punctuated by the white upholstery in a room by Amy Howard.  Notice that the accessories, art and books pop off the wall because of the black background.

You can never go wrong with the classic little black dress or a classic black room.