puppie-resized-6001. Who wouldn’t love that face?  Pets are part of our families and we need to incorporate them into our Interior Design plans too.

pet_feeding_station-resized-6002.  Well, food is certainly one of our animal’s first requirements so find ways to tastefully incorporate pet feeding stations into the home.  Most dogs and cats hang out where we do and that’s the kitchen so this solution is perfect.

dog_wash_with_hanging__rack-resized-6003.  Bathing our pets is also a necessity but can be pretty messy so having a pet washing station with a hand held shower head for rinsing in the laundry room or garage is a great way to solve that problem.  No more just hosing off the dog outside.

dog_bed_end_table-resized-6004.  If your pet needs to be caged or put to bed when you are not at home, how about making it serve double duty as an end table too?  There are several manufacturers who make end tables as cages so they are inconspicuous.

dog_bed_end_table_2-resized-6005.  Here is another tastefully designed end table for your pet.

pet_beds-resized-6006.  There is no reason a pet bed has to be ugly – check out these adorable pet beds by Mackenzie-Childs.

pet_bed_in_kitchen-resized-6007.  If you are remodeling, you can incorporate a pet bed right into the cabinets so it isn’t an after thought. This should keep the pet bed area neat but right where the rest of the family is congregated.  Now your pets can rest in style!

dog_bed_furniture-resized-6008.  Love these dog beds built right into the cabinets do you don’t even know the dogs are there.


9. If your dog wants to sleep with you at night but you don’t want him on  the bed – this is a great solution.  There are even a drawer for your things and steps for the dog to climb into his bed.


10.  Let’s not forget cats need a place of their own too – even if they do think the whole house is all theirs!  It’s not your neck – it his bed!

litter_box-resized-60011.  A little privacy please!  Isn’t this litter box cut out adorable?  Cats do not like to do their business in front of others so respect them and offer them privacy.

 cat_lkittler_furniture-resized-60012.  Here is a very clever way to disguise a cat litter box.  It has a side entrance and front access to change the litter and clean the box.  When closed it looks like an ordinary cabinet.


13. Can you find a way to build some ledges for your cat?  They love to roam around in high places and perch above and look down on us.

bath_time-resized-60014.  Most cats don’t like to be bathed, but mine loves a bath and especially the blow dryer afterward.  You are on your own on how to bathe a cat!

Love your pets and make sure they know they are part of the family.  Usually they are the masters and we are their slaves.