We all need to work on getting more exercise but it’s hard to get to the gym or go for a run in unfavorable weather so we let ourselves slide.  There is no excuse when you have a nice set up at home so here are some samples of places to exercise at home, starting with this elegant bathroom.



The kids will really love a rock climbing wall but adults might want to join in the fun too.  Add a little basketball and you have a real indoor gym.



It’s wonderful to be able to incorporate lots of natural light in your exercise area even if it’s only one or two machines.  This room also has full height mirrors to reflect the light around the room and a polished concrete floor to make it easy to clean up.


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Here is a scene I had painted on the wall of an exercise room we added on to a client’s house.  The room is all French windows on three sides so it has a very open feeling and the carpet is reminiscent of grass. There is a TV and small refrigerator in the room in addition to the exercise equipment and pilates equipment.  Sorry I don’t have pictures of the equipment in the room.



Taking a corner of the family room and orienting it towards the TV lets you be part of family activity while exercising.



Some equipment fits nicely under a stairs like this one in the basement so it’s out of the way but easily accessed.



If you have the room a separate exercise room and indoor pool is the ultimate!



 Here are two images of lap pools – a great way to get exercise for the whole family.



If your room lacks windows add a wall of mirrors so you can see how you are doing and visually expand the room and light at the same time.