New Year’s Eve celebrating is not just for adults – kids love to welcome in the New Year too.  If you have children attending your party you will need to find some things to entertain them while they wait for the magical hour of midnight to arrive.




Balloons are always popular with children and adults of all ages so you should definitley include them.  If you have someone who can make balloon animals and hats they will be a great hit with the younger kids.




Kids can also make their own paper hats for the party and decorate them with feathers, gems, stickers, etc.  When they get to play with the paper horns and streamers too they will really get in the spirit.




Even very young children can participate in this part of the party.  These are perfect Kodak moments for the parents too.




Sparklers are popular too even if you have to take the kids outside for them to use them.




Every kid likes candy (and of course the adults do too) so why not pass out some gold coins made of chocolate to symbolize good fortune for the coming year.



It’s wonderful to include children in the welcoming of the the New Year so let them eat their favorite foods, dress up in party clothes, play board games, put on plays and sing songs, make a New Year resolution, sleep in sleeping bags in the living room and be happy!




My best wishes to all of you for a wonderful and happy new year.