The big news these few weeks is the Summer Olympics and if you have been glued to the TV you might want to consider improving the environment for future Olympic viewing.



1.  If you love Art Deco decor this home theater is right up your alley.  You can watch the Olympics and lots of other sports and movies comfortably right here.


2.  On the other hand, perhaps you want something more decorative and grand like this home theater.


3.  Here is a plush red velvet home theater that feels like you are in a regular theater.  Plenty of room for your friends and cup holders included.


4.  This theater room is a little different because the sectional provides comfy seating for the family everyday with additional seats on a platform at the rear of the room.

Did you notice the fiber optics in the ceiling so it looks like twinkling stars?


5.  The dark wall surrounding the screen here increased the contrast on the a screen for crystal clear viewing.  This room also has a bar right next to the seating so refreshments are always handy.

I hope you are enjoying the Olympics and proud of all the people competing in them. Their training and deidcation is truly to be admired, whether they win a metal or not.  For some it is their chance for World wide recognition and for others it’s a bitter let down but they are the best of the best and we should celebrate them all!