Living, breathing plants add color and life to Interior Design and I like to use them when finishing up the rooms I design.  This beautiful living room is perfectly accessorized with tropical plants throughout the room.  It is very resort like and welcoming with a balance of tall and short plants. Via

aldersonconstruction.com_-at_stairs-resized-6002.  Here is a good solution for that awkward spot at the bottom of the stairs that’s not quite big enough for a table – a large tall palm in a beautiful pot.  It draws your eye upward through the graceful staircase.  Via  Here is a simple but dramatic way to enhance a stone wall.  Be sure to light the stone to bring out the texture and contrast with the plants.  Via

dlccorp.com_-_bamboo-resized-6004.  A planting of tall bamboo in a rock base is perfect for a bright open staircase like this.  Bamboo roots can be invasive so be sure they are contained so they don’t damage the foundation.  Via

2013-09-11_1521-resized-6005.  Here is another creative way to bring plants into a tall stairwell.  The live plants are planted into a wall container and are on a drip system.  The whole wall is lit with halogen spot lights for drama.  Via

eurocraftinteriors.com_-three-resized-6006.  Even bathrooms can benefit from a few plants. These snake plants are just right to add a little contrast and life to the all white Euro style bathroom.  Without the greenery, the room would feel a little cold and flat.  Via  I’m a big fan of using graceful palms to add height and fill corners.  They don’t intrude but add so much interest and texture to a room.  Via  This fabulous hallway uses identical ornate planter boxes filled with a combination of tall and trailing plants to accentuate the the rhythm of the archways. Via

If you’re not too good with keeping plants alive, get some simple ones that don’t require much care like orchids, which will bloom for months or philodendrons or large trees like the fig.  Just be sure you don’t over water, which is where most people go wrong!