Green has been a staple in Interior Design forever.  It is a color that tends to cool down a room so it is great when used in West facing rooms. There are many shades and variations so choose the color carefully to achieve the right effect.

green_-_Fava_Design_Group-resized-6001.  The Green chairs in this dining room by Fava Design look like liquid and draw your eye outdoors to the tropical scenery.

green_island-resized-6002.  This green island works perfectly with the butcher block counter and white cabinets.

Green_bold-resized-6003.  Green can be used in a pure form like this bedroom for a bold statement  or…….

green_walls-resized-600 4.  ………use a green paint with a lot of yellow in it for a very different effect.

green_ceiling-resized-6005.  This bedroom pairs another yellowish green with crisp white for a very successful and fresh looking space.  Notice that they used it on the ceiling instead of the walls but carried the color onto the window Roman Shades and the bedding.

green_soft-resized-6006.  A softer green was used here to enclose the room and accentuate the architecture.  This bedroom has a very restful feeling.

green_accents-resized-6007.  Sometimes  green is incorporated in a room as accents only but scattered throughout the room to tie it all together.  If you can imagine this room without the green accents — it would be really bland.  The touch of pink warms it up.

colored_spindles-resized-6008.  And if you can’t decide which shade of green you like best – you can do this and use them all!

If green is your favorite color – find a way to incorporate it into your home.

I will write  about how to use green as an accent only in the next blog.