If you are having a big gathering at your house you might like to know how to set the table properly.  Here are a few different ways, depending on the formality of your dinner.


1.  Turkey napkin folding – how fun!  maybe you could get the kids to make these.


2.  This basic place setting is proper for everyday as well as special occasions.  Lots of people get the placement of the glass and butter plate reversed.  It’s actually easy to remember that you drink with the glass in your right hand and you can eat a roll with either hand.


3.  If you have a slightly more formal gathering which includes more silverware and glasses use this setting.  Note that the drinking items are always on the right side.


4.  For a very formal place setting with lots of silverware and glasses use this setting.  The wine glasses start with the tallest in the center and move down in size to the right.

Here is the link to the above graphic on how to set your Thanksgiving table and how to make turkey napkins:


Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. Enjoy this wonderful day and be sure to thank all those who make your life worthwhile.