be_yourself-resized-600Are you terrified of selecting paint colors?  Well, you are not alone!  It’s one of the most common things Interior Designers are called for help with.

antique_white-resized-6001.  This entirely neutral pallet might work for some people but be too sleepy and boring for others.  Source unknown

architectural_digest-resized-6002.  On the other hand some people are just not comfortable with a jolt of color like this room. You need to be aware of just how much color you are comfortable with before you make your selections. Via

Paint colors need to be selected carefully if they are to be effective.  If you choose ones that are too “safe” they can be boring and blah but if you choose ones that are too bold and bright they can overwhelm the space.  It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

beige_&_orange-resized-6003.  Find your inspiration in nature for soothing colors that are easy to live with.  If you know you will be accenting with colors from nature it’s perfectly fine to use neutral nature inspired wall colors.  Source unknown

living_room-resized-6004.  Rugs and artwork are also inspiration sources for color schemes in your rooms. If there are multi colors it the rug you can select a color or two from it for walls to enhance the rug and pull the room together.  In this room Brenda also finished out the color scheme with pillow colors pulled from the rug.  Source unknown – Brenda Olde, designer

bold_outdoor-resized-6005.  Placement of colors can be exactly right or be horribly wrong. Source unknown


6.  If you don’t understand the dynamics of color placement don’t use an accent color without professional help.  Putting it on the wrong wall or architectural element can totally defeat the purpose or make the room seem too long or too short.  Source unknown

Selecting the proper sheen can make a huge difference in the way the color looks and works or doesn’t work in a room too.  Matte or flat will hide imperfections but is easier to damage and harder to clean.  Eggshell is a good choice which has a very low sheen but is more durable than flat.  Think of the sheen on an eggshell.  Satin is even more resistant to stains but has more sheen and can be too much for some rooms.  Semi gloss is often used as the sheen for wood surfaces, cabinets and trims.  It’s easy to scrub and resists moisture.  High gloss is very durable and easy to clean but shows every imperfection in the underlying surface so be careful how you use it.  It is dramatic and stunning when used properly.  Even when using the same color, the shinier the paint the lighter and less intense the color will appear because light is reflected off it but flat paints look more intense because they absorb light. Therefore remember that the sheen will make a difference in the way your color looks once it’s applied.

I recommend to my clients that they get some large foam core pieces and paint them with the colors they are considering.  That way they are large enough to get an idea of of how the color will look in a room and can be moved about at different times of the day and from light areas into dark areas to see how the color works under lots of different scenarios.  If you are concerned with sheen this is a great way to test it out too.