Selecting paint colors seems to raise the anxiety level of most homeowners but it shouldn’t.  Painting is one of the cheapest things you can do to rejuvenate your home and if your make a mistake you can always repaint.  It’s much more affordable than replacing tile, etc.


If you need help, call an Interior Designer to help you.  They can narrow down the choices very quickly and select just the right colors with you. You will only have to pay for a consultation that may save you lots of time and money on all those little sample cans.


The architecture of your home will probably play a part in your decision process.  You can either go with historical colors that are appropriate for the architecture or go completely the opposite direction and make the rooms pop.


Lighter colors are more airy and reflect more light so if your rooms are dark you might want to go that direction.


On the other hand if you want drama, go for dark shades.  They will make the moldings and window and door trim pop off the walls.


Another way to create drama is to use strong bold colors.  It may seem a little scary at first but the results are usually quite stunning. If you use strong colors you will probably want to go with neutral furniture and add a few accessories in your color palette to bring the dominant color around the room.  Be sure to not overdo the amount of accents, though, only about 10%.


Don’t forget neutrals are colors too.  They create a certain quietness and calm but when mixed in different strengths are quite stunning.


Naturally, you will want to use colors you like and gravitate to in clothing and cars.  They are your comfort colors and your home should be a true reflection of you.  Be sure to balance the colors with some neutrals so you will see the color you are featuring.  If everything in the room is the same color, it is monotonous and loses it’s impact.

colored_spindles-resized-600Get inspired by looking a pictures of rooms you love online and in magazines. So have fun and don’t be afraid to step a little out of your comfort zone!


Once you chosen a few colors, paint them on large pieces of foam core (will stay rigid and stand up on it’s own) or poster board and move them around into dark corners and light areas.  Look at them with both natural and artificial lighting.  See how they look at all times of the day and night to be sure you are happy with you selection.  This is much more effective than painting samples all over the walls.