apartmenttherapy-resized-600Is your closet out of control?  Have you run out of room?  The answer lies in sorting through everything in it and culling out things you haven’t worn in years or don’t fit right and then putting back everything that’s left in an orderly fashion.  Your local charities will be happy to have your discards and it will free up valuable space for your newly organized closet.  I volunteer at The Thrift Box in San Jose, CA and we would love to have your donations to benefit the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.


1.  Here is a good example of organizing a small closet on a small budget.   All the levels are utilized and even the door serves as storage for hats.  I think they could have added some belt and or scarf storage under the hats for even more use of the available space.  The plastic bins hold folded items but can be easily pulled out and returned, keeping things orderly.  Photo via apartmenttherapy.com

 shoe_boxes-resized-6002.  If you need to store you shoes in their boxes, cover the boxes with brown wrapping paper and paste a picture of the shoes on the front for easy identifying.  A lot of shoes can be stored this way by stacking them on top of each other.

pull_down_rods-resized-6003.  If you are fortunate enough to have a larger closet than the previous example and your ceiling is taller than you can reach try these pull down rods.  Several manufacturers make them.  They swing forward so you can get what you want and then push back up and out of the way.  This closet also has a built in hamper, drawers and roll out shoe shelves.

2012-09-04_1407-resized-6004.  Clothes can be hung on a cascading rod like this too for laying out your outfits for the next day or in awkward spots not large enough for a traditional rod.

hammacher-resized-6005.  This cascading pants hanger holds 20 pair of slacks and only projects 16″ into the room.  Priced at $64.95 it is a great space saver at a reasonable price! Photo via hammacher.com

ana-white-resized-6006.  This clever closet fully utilizes the door with built in shallow shelves.  The instructions are at this site www.ana-white.com

acrylic_dividers_-_houzz-resized-6007.  If you need some slim but attractive dividers for your shelves these acrylic ones a nice.  They only cost $16.99 and don’t take up much space but will keep items from falling over.  via Houzz from organize-it

organize-it.com_deluxe_belt_rack-resized-6008.  This deluxe telescoping belt rack is also from organize-it.

lanzcabinets-resized-6009.  A luxury items for your closet is this ironing board that folds up into a drawer.  Several manufacturers make them and they are really handy to have for a quick touch up before you rush out the door.  Photos via lanzcabinets.com


10.  If you still have a little room left why not put in some jewelery drawers?  Keep your jewelery where you can see it and reach it easily.  You could put a lock on it too if you have valuables stored in these drawers or you could just keep costume jewelery here and store the valuable jewelery in a jewelery safe.  Photo via Closets to Go

There are lots of closets companies that will build you custom organizations for your closets and if you have a large walk in closet this might be the best solution.  These companies also sell specialized hardware for closets like the items above that you can install yourself in certain areas to improve your closet yourself.  There are also container and storage stores available which specialize in the components for closet organization.

Get a head start on your spring cleaning and get yourself organized before the holidays.