Sometimes I forget that my clients don’t know how to do all the things I do. Recently I had a client with an out of town project who needed window coverings.  She thought she could measure for me, but I failed to give her proper instructions so there were still a lot of unanswered questions when she got back to me.  Next time I will be better prepared.How to Measure Window Coverings-resized-6001.   Beautiful window treatments don’t happen by accident – they take careful thought and calculations.

how to measure windows-resized-600

2.  This diagram illustrates all the measurements that must be taken into account when calculating for window treatments.


3.  When measuring for Roman Shades or roller shades you will need to know if they are going inside the window framing or outside.  How deep is the inside mounting space?  That may make the decision for you if it’s too shallow.  If inside mounted, the window should be measured in three places across and top to bottom to allow for the window being out of plumb.


4.  If your window treatments are outside mounted shades you will still need to know your clearances on the sides and above the window casing.  We do not generally mount onto the window casings so you will measure from outside the casing to outside the other casing.

5.  If measuring for yourself take all possible measurements and also take close up pictures of the areas where there may be questions, like multi layer trims, etc.  It is always a good idea to contact a professional regarding window coverings since windows are one of the most complex items to measure and construct correctly.

Keep this handy reference sheet for future use.