In the winter when it’s darker and colder we spend more time in the bedroom so now is a perfect time to think about making it the way we really want it – warm, cozy and romantic!

bedroom_with_canopy-resized-6001.  This master bedroom with it’s canopy and drapes looks like a perfect place to snuggle on a cold winter night.  The shaped canopy is so graceful. via House Beautiful Magazine

Art_deco_-_Hilary_Swanks'_master-resized-6002.  If you prefer a more structured masculine master bedroom – how about this one that belongs to Hillary Swank?  The beautiful polished wood is softened by the cream colored upholstery. via Elle Decor Magazine

bu_Phoebe_Howard-resized-6003.  Designer Phoebe Howard takes a soft romantic approach with this fully canopied bed.  It takes a lot of yardage to create this but isn’t it scrumptious.

deco_Joe_Nerkowitz-resized-6004.  Isn’t this master bedroom by designer Joe Berkowitz elegant?  The soft colors and fabrics are the perfect balance with the dark polished deco furniture and the custom full height tufted headboard makes a bold contemporary statement but doesn’t overpower the room

cheahwilford@designshuffle-resized-6005.  For a bit of Asian contemporary influence this designer mirrored the curved wooden window frame and back lit it for some drama.  Since the bed is recessed into the niche a landing area on each side of the bed was created.  I like the fact that there are different layers of light for different moods and functions.

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