I recently had a reader ask about how to keep Christmas Greens fresh so I thought that would be a helpful blog for today.

2012-12-02_1845-resized-6001.  I like to always use fresh greens if possible but if they get dried out they certainly will not be inviting and can be quite dangerous.

When selecting your greens whether already made into swags, cascades or wreaths, or just the branches that you will decorate with, be sure to select the freshest one you can find.  They may have been harvested a month ago and kept in refrigerated trucks while being shipped across country, so be selective.  via

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2.  Even if you cut them down yourself you need to be careful about keeping the greens as fresh as possible. If you can not put up the decorations immediately you should keep them outdoors or in the garage to keep them chilled until you are ready to use them. source: love Christmas on Facebook


3.  The first thing you should do is give them a thorough soaking overnight in water so the leaves can absorb as much water as possible.  You will have to be careful if they are already decorated as the decorations may not be able to be submerged.  If you can remove them and replace them after the soaking that is best.  Even better is if you add your own decorations to a plain wreath or swag so you can get them soaked really well. source: love Christmas on Facebook



4.  You can use a product like Prolong or Wilt Proof, available at your nursery or florist, which will help prolong the life of the greens as well.

 You can also try a homemade recipe of sugar water for your tree.  Just boil 1 gallon water with 1 cup sugar until sugar is dissolved and when cool add to the tree reservoir. Or use the little more complex recipe below.


Recipe via

5.  Spray your greens with a mister every day.

2012-12-02_1846-resized-6006.  Keep fresh greens and Christmas trees away from sunlight, heaters and fireplaces that are working.  They dry out much quicker when they are around heat and sunlight. via


Enjoy your handiwork and the holiday season with beautiful fresh looking and wonderful fragrant greens!  Via