The Christmas tree is the center of most home Christmas decorations and it has the most impact so it’s essential that you make the most of decorating it for the holidays and festivities that accompany them.


1.  First you must select the perfect tree and get it set up ready to decorate.  Then the real fun begins.


2.  An all white tree can be spectacular especially in an all white room like this one.  Lots of white and silver decorations and ribbon have been used here and the theme is carried through all the presents as well.  I don’t know where you are supposed to put the ones from other people but maybe they can be tucked inside or on the back side.


3.  Here is a beautiful tree decorated with soft pink balls and white peacocks.  That is stunning!


4.  This tree is decorated a little differently since the white layers of “snow” are placed in horizontal rings around the tree.   It very effective and the accents of pale blue and silver give it just the right amount of sparkle.


5.  Icicles are king here and glisten beautifully like melting ice in the glow from the tree lights.  There are many types available in glass or acrylic but I prefer glass.  If your tree is not too large crystal ones glisten the most.


6.  This Christmas tree leaves no doubt that it’s all about presents with all the packages and stocking adoring it.  You can barely make out that there is a tree under there!  The red and green color scheme was carried through to the packages too so it makes a unified presentation.  This takes a lots of planning if there are really presents in those boxes but it is pretty.


7.  Here is a nice tree that is exactly the opposite of the last one.  Each decoration is easily seen by itself and the color scheme is what ties it all together. The icicles add a little sparkle to the wood and natural colored decorations.  Did you notice the little red beads at the tips of each branch?

2012-12-02_1842-resized-6008.  What kid (or adult for that matter) wouldn’t love this candy themed tree?  The red and white looks beautiful against the green boughs and the white snowflakes and curly icicles add some whimsy and balance.  The tree topper is so playful and fun.


9.  Using non traditional colors on your Christmas tree can be lots of fun.  This one uses two strings of different colored blue lights for interest and some clear ones as well.  Then they layered on the peacock and bronze colored decorations for a spectacular effect.

inspirationlane.tumbler-resized-60010.  If you love purple go for it!  Various shades of purple bows and decorations look fabulous and are sure to get rave reviews. via inspirationlane.tumbler


11.  This unusual Christmas tree is stuffed full of hydrangeas, ivy, lilacs and ferns.  It’s perfect for a gardening lover.  It would be hard to keep it looking nice if it were real plants so it’s probably silk ones but very effective anyway you look at it and quite unique.  I don’t see a traditional tree under there so it’s probably on a foam base.  If it’s oasis you could use real plants.


12.  And finally here is a beautiful poinsettia tree made with only potted plants – no evergreen underneath it.  Stunning, isn’t it?