How to Choose Bathroom Tile Colors


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Classic white is a favourite when it comes to bathrooms. However, bathrooms – much like any part of the house – can serve as a blank canvass. There is a whole world of colors out there and if you are out to awe and inspire with an impressive bathroom then you should not miss this rainbow of opportunities.

Understanding Color

Often taken for granted, color has much to offer other than serving as eye candy. Wildlife photographer Moose Peterson stated that color plays a significant part in conveying messages. We see this at work all the time: from product branding to photos to websites. We tend to associate messages and emotions with colors and as such, even black, white, or grayscale can hold much meaning.


What holds true for images and advertising certainly holds true for interior design. Color is a powerful tool. Those skilled in the language of color can wield it to express mood and establish an atmosphere. Fortunately, it is not rocket science and basic knowledge is what’s needed to get you exploring colors. Before heading on to our bathroom tips, learn about the fundamentals, Padawan.

Meaning attached to colors is relative, what may be considered a mourning color in one culture may be different from another. To not complicate matters, let us take a universally accepted approach. Essentially, colors can be divided into the following three categories:


Cool Tones.As the name suggests, colors under this category have a soothing effect. It is quiet and relaxing, making it a favourite for intimate spaces. This palette also recedes, an important tip to remember if you are working with a small room that you want to appear larger. Colors under this type include blue, green, and purple.

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Warm Tones. Think about fire and you’ll get a very clear representation of warm colors. In complete contrast to cool colors, this set is all about energy and are particularly perfect for areas with a great deal of socialization going on. Designers go for warmer tones in making larger rooms cozier. Warm colors are red, yellow, and orange.


Neutral Tones. Black, white, grey, brown, and beige are considered neutral tones. These colors help to accent or provide a break from solid warm and cool tones. While they can be used on their own, a room done in predominantly white or beige can be dull.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

With basic color psychology in mind, selecting an appropriate scheme for the bathroom should be easy. The following tips should further improve your search.

Decide on the mood. This is almost a no-brainer. Since bathrooms are places to relax and to conduct your private business, cool tones are the clear choice. However, some adventurous folks out there might prefer their bathrooms in yellow or pink. There’s no harm in experimenting with warm, social colors only remember to counterbalance it with cool tones and neutrals.

Consider the size of the bathroom.As you have found out, colors can trick the brain. Compared to other rooms, the bathroom is usually small. To create an illusion of space, choose cool tones. Darker colors are possible but use them as accents instead.

Keep a color chart at hand. Too much of any color can be unfavourable. Learn to mix and match. A color chart will help you identify complementing colors and construct a lovely palette.

Tile type. Tile type also dictates color. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are available in a wide selection of colors whereas other materials such as stone and glass are limited.


Use accents or create a focal point. Adding visual interest in the form of accents or a vanity backsplash is a neat way to offset the dominance of a specific color. Glass tiles are fantastic for creating such undertaking.

Grout is also important.Mostly overlooked but grout helps in bringing the entire bathroom together. Choosing grout with a different color from the tiles can create a lovely pattern while sticking to a similar color produces a solid, unified look.

In case you are stuck with a color that does not please you, accessorize. Textures and patterns can subdue any overpowering color.

Finally, here’s a suggestion. 2014’s color is Dazzling Blue, a rich shade of blue that is calming and yet pulsating with energy. Try pairing it with white and glass tiles for that crisp and clean effect.

There you have it, don’t limit yourself to a sort of cruel science experiment and color your bathroom white. There are exciting color matches out there and it is waiting to be tapped.


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