How to Create Curb Appeal for Your Home

by Jessica Socheski

before and after pictures of front of house with curb appeal

A home’s outside design is just as important as the inside. In fact, sometimes outside design seems more important because it is the first thing which neighbors, friends, and family see when driving by or entering your house.

Fortunately, creating curb appeal is not a daunting task. In a few easy steps, both the front yard and the backyard can be completely overhauled to look brand new and completely spruced up.

Starting with the Front

Presentation is the key when it comes to renovating a front yard. Repainting the entire home, the trim, or the door can update a home considerably. With a few gallons of paint, a house can been given a facelift that will set it apart from the residences on the block.

front porch of cottage with curb appeal

Grow Green

Another trick to providing a fresh look is growing a greener front lawn. Nothing looks worse than dry, patchy grass or dusty weeds. Laying new sod revitalizes the front of the home. If keeping grass groomed is too much of an issue, consider exchanging the lawn for rocks, bark, desert shrubbery or even synthetic turf. This can change the home’s appearance dramatically and prove easier to keep. It also breaks up the dullness of every home on the block looking similar by adding character and contrast.

Refresh the Concrete

In older homes or older areas, many tree roots have damaged the surrounding concrete. Broken concrete is both dangerous and gives a run down appearance to the home. If the driveway, neighboring sidewalks, or curb near the home is cracked, look into filling the cracks or completely starting from scratch and re-pouring concrete.

Appeal in the Back

Although the backyard isn’t typically visible from the street, appeal is still just as important. When it comes to renovating the outdoors, there are many simple, budget-friendly DIY projects that can add beauty and boost the value of your home.

spiral staircase on back of modern house

The Perfect Patio

Adding a deck onto the back of a house creates an extension of extra square footage to enjoy outdoors. Combined with a nice patio cover, your deck can provide outdoor living through much of the year. Patio covers are essential to backyard convenience especially during rainy months.

If you have a second story deck, adding an outdoor spiral staircase to the deck can increase the elegant look of your deck space. If there is an existing deck, adding a staircase is straightforward and hassle-free. Adding the deck itself can take a bit more time, but the end result is definitely worth the work. Along with the charming and picturesque look, your patio will benefit the home with more space to enjoy and increased value.

A Good Old Porch Swing

A much simpler addition, installing a porch swing can remind people of their childhoods and become a prominent feature of your backyard. There is something soothing about rocking back and forth while eating breakfast, reading, or watching the stars. Swings are easy to build or put up and available at most home improvement stores.

Fire Pit Fun

Creating a safe fire pit area is a relatively simple but very appealing feature to include in a backyard. Unless it is an in ground pit, the only real work involved is leveling the area and moving the heavy pit. A fun fire pit in your backyard creates the perfect element for enjoying friends, conversation and warmth or letting the kids have a backyard campout complete with roasting s’mores.

fire pit of stone in backyard
Sprucing up the front and back of a house is not too tough of a task to undertake. Most of these ideas can be handled within one or two weekends and will add incredible value to the home for years to come.

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Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer who loves designing and decorating. She is an editor at The Teaching Box, and you can connect with her on Google+.