ome Theater Design Essentials

When it comes to having the perfect home theater, there are many things you will want to think about. Knowing key factors that you do not want to overlook is great. This will help ensure that you get just what you are looking for.

Aspects Not to Forget

There are some things that can throw off the feel of the home theater if they are not properly set up or planned.
Where you put your home theater in the house is essential. You want it to be a room where you can control the lighting. This is why it is often good to go with a basement where you do not have to worry about the exterior light coming in.
Having a high quality picture is something that you should not overlook. Going with LED is a great option because it offers a better picture. If you have to choose between going with a larger screen or better quality, you should always opt for better quality.
Make sure the speakers are set up properly to give you surround sound. Follow the instructions that came with them to ensure that you get the best sound from the speakers you have.
Having the right source for TV viewing is also important. There are many different options that you can choose from. Some people prefer to stream their shows from services, other like cable. If you want a program that will give you the most channels and allow you to continue your TV watching in any room of the house, then DirecTV is the way to go. Keep in mind that you can use more than one source for this. Sign up for DirecTV at a discount using and you can get Sunday Ticket and three free months of Starz.
You should also make sure your furniture is the right distance from your TV. If the TV is under 31″, then you want to be about 6 to 10 feet from the TV. For TVs between 32 and 40 inches, place the furniture about 8 to 12 feet away. Anything larger than 40″ should have the furniture 10 feet away to get the best viewing.

Other Factors You Should Consider


While these considerations may not be essential to your home theater, you do want to think about them while you are working on your home theater. Thinking about these beforehand can help to give the finishing touches to your space.

Dimmer switches
 on your lights can be a great option for your home theater. This is because you may not want to have the same level of light for all situations. If you are watching a comedy show with your friends, you may want to have a lot of light, whereas if you are watching a romantic movie with your significant other, then you may want to set the lights down low.You should also think about how people will be able to eat and drink while watching the shows. This could be as simple as having TV trays that can be popped up with in the home theater or even having tables next to each seat. A lot of this may be determined by the amount of space and budget you have to work with on the project.

If you are about to install a home theater, I hope these tips are helpful.