Hopefully the sun is shining where you are!  Easter time coincides with spring and a renewed spirit and is a time we all look forward to.  If you are entertaining or just getting things ready for your immediate family, here are some quick and easy ideas I wanted to share with you:


candy_in_jar-resized-6001.  Remember when you were a kid and got lots of pretty pastel candy for Easter?  This is a beautiful way to present it.  You can use as a centerpiece and then eat the candy afterward!  This is a Designer’s interpretation of a “candy jar”.  Source unknown

bystephanielynn.com-_tulip_wreath-resized-6002.  Want to welcome spring in a beautiful way?  These tulips are the way to do it.  If you want them to last you will have to use silk ones but then you can reuse them every year.  I would keep the fresh ones for inside as they don’t last long.  Via

window_nest-resized-6003.  Here’s another way to welcome people to your door for Easter.  This beautiful hanging nest has some robin’s egg blue eggs that have been speckled with metallic pens.  Source unknown

bystephanielynn.com-_egg_decor-resized-6004.  What a clever way to use tulips at the table!  First break off the top of the egg and blow out the contents. Then glue a little ring on the bottom so they have a stand.  Then just fill the eggshells with a little dirt and moss and plant them right in there.  If you use silk tulips you could use floral foam inside the eggs to hold them firmly. Via

bystephanielynn.com-_egg_decor1-resized-6005.  Here is another adorable floral arrangement for Easter.  Fill a vase with water for fresh tulips or use a small planter of tulips.  Put it inside a larger glass vase and surround it with colorful jelly beans topped off with marshmallow bunnies.  Very cute.  Via

2012-04-03_0802-resized-6006.  Of course if you don’t have a sweet tooth (is there anyone who doesn’t?) you could make these adorable baskets with small pots of daffodils “planted” in moss and real grass and surrounded with hand decorated Easter eggs.  Source unknown

2012-04-08_1107-resized-6007.  Want a more colorful arrangement ?  This gorgeous arrangement using shades of purple, green and white is stunning.  You can add eggs  on long stems too or just let the flowers themselves steal the show.  Source unknown

hatched_eggs-resized-6008.  Have you ever wondered what the chicks would look like if those Easter eggs hatched?  Wonder no more!  Source unknown