Kid’s rooms seem to be Clutter Central so here are some great tips on how to get these rooms under control.

lego_walls-resized-6001.  It’s all about Legos these days and here is a very clever way to deal with them.  Build with  them on the wall!  You still need boxes for the various pieces and I suggest color coordinated boxes or clear boxes so the kids can find the pieces they need easily. Photo source unknown

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot.com_-_toy_storage_3-resized-6002.  Magnetic strips to hold all the little cars is very clever and makes them easy to find and easy to put away!  via

prosatrecosecacarecos.blogspot.com_-_toy_storage_2-resized-6003.  Clear plastic shoe holders are perfect for storing all the little men and super heroes the kids must have.  Again, this is easy for them to see what they have and easy to put them away.  via

2012-08-13_1219-resized-6004.  Don’t forget about dress up clothes storage. All my kids loved to play dress up and put on plays for us but there had to be a place to store all those fabulous costumes.  Trunks are perfect or you could use large woven baskets with lids.  via


5.  This rolling lockable storage cabinet holds a lot of toys and art supplies but folds up and tucks away when not in use. See how easy it is to see what is inside those plastic bins?  The good part is they are out of site when not in use! via

6.  If you are lucky enough to have a small area you can section off as an art project and work area, this wall of cubbies is a perfect place to store all your works in progress and supplies. It can be adapted to whatever you or your child’s needs are and could even store their toys and games. via

2_bunks_over_desk-resized-6007.  This minimal bedroom has two beds, a desk and lots of built in cupboards and shelving all on one wall!  This is a great solution for tiny bedrooms with a need for floor space. Photo source unknown


8.  Last but not least, don’t overlook the floor space under the bed.  Simple drawers on rollers can provide a lot of storage.  These look like they are made from ready cut pine boards and would be easy to make to your own size requirements or you could buy some pre-made drawers and add casters to the bottoms.  via