The holidays are just past and those credit card bills are coming in now so there’s not so much money available to brighten up your home, but here are a few simple ideas to jump start the New Year.


1.  Painting a wall or a room is an inexpensive quick fix and if you get tired of it you can always change it again.  These broad horizontal stripes are an unexpected surprise.

focal_wall-resized-6002.  Of course you could just paint one wall for some drama.

books_in_color_order-resized-6003.  Here’s an eye catching idea – arrange your books by color (not height) or cover them in some bright colored book covers that you make yourself.  You could do a wall of jewel tone book covers for instance.


4.  Pick a color that is already in your room like these pendant lights and add some colored filters or gels to your cove or skylight lighting.


5.  If you have a bookcase or cabinet with little interest, blow up a photocopy of your favorite recipe and paste it to the back wall.  Add a clear coat over it to protect it.  You could also blow up parts of a book or letter or whatever is personal to you to use in other parts of the house.

Copy of chalkboard_paint-resized-6006.  Chalkboard paint can instantly transform a door (or wall) into a great place for notes, shopping lists, recipes, children’s art work, etc.

mobile-resized-6007.  Have you ever hung a mobile in your home?  They are unexpected and fun and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials.

Copy of screen_as_headboard-resized-6008.  Don’t have a headboard?  Make one of a floor screen, gate, some old doors or simply get some plywood, cover it in foam and then upholster it with fabric.

throws-resized-6009.  You can add some punch to a neutral room by adding throws like these or even some new throw pillows in bright colors.


10.  Last, but certain not least, is to always nice have some fresh flowers or colorful branches in the house to give it life!