If you have ever been to France and specifically Paris you will already have a sense of French Style.  It can be very formal or extremely informal but there is a gracefulness and sense of style to it no matter which end of the spectrum it falls.  It’s your choice to introduce a lot or a little into our interior design scheme.




1.  This leather chair is an example of French Art Deco and is quite stunning.  Note that it does not have curves and carving, which is what so many people associate with French Style.




2.  This is an example of French Modern Style, which you can see has much simpler lines than what is typically thought of as French Style.  It has a lot in common with contemporary lines that are so popular today, but it has extra detailing and subtle styling that makes it special.




3.  Cabriole legs are found in French furniture as well as and Queen Anne, Georgian and Chippendale furniture.




4.  A French Bergere (chair) and charming desk set the theme here.  Bergeres have fully upholstered arms instead of open arms but this one still has the beautiful curvilinear lines and carving so typical of French Style.




5.  French Empire Bergere (closed arms)                        6.  French Empire Fauteuil (open arms)



7.  This chair is easily identified as French Style with it’s cane seat and back and painted frame but has a little extra charm going for it with it’s lattice design on the wicker.




8.  Country French dining is relaxed and casual so it will never go out of style.




9.  This room has a French influence with the delicate carved loveseat, hand painted mural and the stunning crystal chandelier but it is toned down by the simple lines of the sofa, the contemporary rug and upholstered chair.  The architecture of this room is also quite decorative, which is typical of French Style.




10.  This carved French Limestone fireplace reminds me of Southern France and Provence.



11 & 12.   These two styles are typical of French Cafe Chairs or Bistro Chairs and are seen all over Paris.




13. This French Blue mirror adds just the right touch of informality to balance formal items like the chandelier reflected in it.




14.  This room is a balance of formal and informal too. The more formal carved French chair and love seat are perfectly balance by the aged coffee table (painted and peeling bench) and painted wooden floor.




15.  Here the cream color scheme is a perfect setting for the carved French bed and bench and has a definite feminine feel.




16.  This bathroom reflects lots of French elements and is very reminiscent of hotels in France.  The Chevron wooden floor, the delicate painted vanity, the elegant stand alone tub, the wallpaper and even the mirror and vanity reflected in it all set the mood.

There is a certain elegance of style to all things French and luckily you can add just a piece or two to a room to get the flavor!