Do you want to make a statement with your fireplace?  Let your interior design include a fireplace that reflects your unique personality!


1.  This “Big Flame” bioethanol fireplace by Acquafuoco would make a huge statement in any room. Via

as_sculpture-resized-6002.  A custom shaped fireplace may be your answer.  This large scale sculpture makes a wonderful fireplace. Via

Brasa_Pillar_fireplace-resized-6003.  This stunning pillar fireplace sets just the right mood by the pool.  Via

broken_slabs-resized-6004.  This broken slab makes an amazing fireplace which also acts as a piece of textural art when not lit. Via

elena_colombe_bronze_branch_vessel-resized-6005.  Love this bronze bird nest fire pit by artist, Elena Colombe.  Via

Fireplaces today can be designed in so many creative shapes that it just takes some imagination and careful planning for safety.  I hope this article got your creative juices flowing!