Getting Started and Familiarizing Yourself with the Steam Shower

by Andy Ellis, guest blogger


For those who are familiar with the steam shower, you’d certainly agree that it provides a level of luxury and extravagance that isn’t matched by any other household appliance. However, what most people don’t know is that its benefits go beyond that.



After a long day at work or at school, relaxation is something everyone will look for. Nothing makes it easier to take your mind off things than a relaxing shower and steam bath.


Health Benefits

The steam in the enclosure helps enhance our body’s circulation and thin the blood. This works great in relieving ailments such as fatigue, soreness, arthritis and many more. The presence of steam also helps improve one’s metabolism and helps make the respiratory system more efficient. Additionally, our immune system is improved a lot by the removal of toxins caused by sweating.



Steam shower units have special compartments that can be used to diffuse essential oils. Aside from helping you cleanse your skin, it also has other physiological benefits. Rosemary, for example, helps alleviate arthritis when it is the oil chosen. Ylang-ylang, on the other hand, helps those who have insomnia. For those who feel a bit depressed, oils such as lavender and eucalyptus are most apt.




In order for these showers to be more comfortable and decadent, accessories can be installed. Here are some things that are commonly added:


                   Bench seat – works wonders especially in keeping you more comfortable. 20 minutes of standing is bearable but 20 minutes of sitting is a much better alternative.

                Timer – a steam timer helps keep you from dozing off in the shower and limits your steam session to the correct length.

                 Audio and video – audio and video jacks of all types are available these days. MP3 players and even iPods can now be hooked up to your steam shower allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes and videos.

                 Emergency button – this button is usually bought by senior citizens but is just as important for people of any age. This rings an alarm outside the shower to alert people that you are in trouble. The alarm can also be a considerable distance and will work via RF signals.

                  Replaceable shower heads – shower heads vary in terms of purpose and design. There are those designed to spread water all-around and there are those made to simulate rainfall.

Steam shower can be quite luxurious so consider one when you are planning a remodel.