While shopping for a client this past week, I was in a showroom with beautiful acrylic furniture and was reminded of how adding a piece of acrylic can add a touch of whimsy and a spark of fun to any room.Top quality acrylic furniture is a cell cast acrylic.  A familiar brand name is Lucite. This is not an inexpensive product, but if offers a lot of bang for the buck and with a little care will last a lifetime.It looks like glass but is much lighter weight, is crystal clear (no greenish tint like glass) and scratches can be buffed out.  It is also available in colored versions but I am partial to the clear look.

ghost chair, Philip Stark

 “Ghost Chairs” were designed by Philip Stark and are perfect for a small area because they don’t have much visual weight.  The cushions that have been added here provide comfort for sitting a long time.


What could be more fun than these “Bubble Chairs” designed by Eero Aarnio in 1968?  Who wouldn’t enjoy swinging in the living room?  


 This cocktail table mixes nicely with traditional furniture and almost disappears.

 Here is another more classical cocktail table in a very classically decorated room, which adds that touch of whimsy and element of surprise.

 Speaking of tables, this one is a stunner with a glass top and playful acrylic chairs.

 This elegant dining room sports beautiful acrylic table bases which catch the light and add glamour to the room.

No need to stop at the living room and dining room – move right into the bedroom for some glamour too.  The bed is a show stopper! 

Interior Design Photos 001-resized-600
Interior Design Photos 007-resized-600

This desk is a mixture of materials combining elegance and practicality 

Here is another amazing chair and it swivels! 

This zig zag chair captures the imagination 


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Interior Design Photos 004-resized-600

You could use just a small piece like this end table or the vanity stool pictured here 

Interior Design Photos 005-resized-600

Even accessories made of acrylic are stunning.  You would swear they are crystal 

There are less expensive knock offs available but they will not hold up like the quality pieces.  Cheaper versions, which are made of lower quality plastic, tend to yellow or turn milky or cloudy and scratch easily.  They do not offer the optical clarity and durability of the strong, stable acrylic used by quality manufacturers.I bought my first piece of acrylic furniture in 1984 and have loved it ever since. Maybe this will inspire you to step outside the box a little!