So many more people are working from home these days, either part time or full time,  that the home office has become a critical Interior Design project.  It is important to design it with lots of practical function in mind and at the same time keep it attractive.

compact-resized-6001.  Do you have enough work space and storage space?  This shallow counter serves as a perfect place for a laptop, printer, etc. and the abundant bookshelves provide plenty of easily accessible storage.

corkboard_for_display-resized-6002.  Do you need large display areas?  Cork board is good for that and a large layout table is nearby.  Labeled binders keep client or project files readily available.

layout_area-resized-6003.  Here is another large layout or project table and plenty of chairs for conferencing or sharing.

partner_desk-resized-6004.  If several of you share an office you might want a partners desk like this.  Each person has their own work space with a large common layout area shared by both of them.

pull_out_desk-resized-6005.  If work space is limited you could build a pull out like this one.

roll_outs-resized-6006.  Roll out drawers for your printers and other hardware keep the clutter to a minimum.

workspace_for_2-resized-6007.  Here is another take on a two person office.  It’s built right into the central core of the house, with cabinets on the return walls as well.