Need ideas for freshening up your bedroom or guest room? Here are some examples of beautiful bedrooms to give you inspiration.

bamboo_canopy-resized-6001.  Adding a canopy to your bed can change the whole room  This one has simple bamboo poles mounted to the ceiling and then it is draped with a softly flowing fabric.  Note that the fabric has been threaded onto the poles so it won’t slip out of place.  You could also velcro it to the top of the bamboo poles and it would look like it was simply draped there.

befroom_cove_lighting-resized-6002. Adding crown molding with cove lighting behind it creates a soft glow that is perfect for the bedroom.  If you use LED lighting it can be dimmed also.

branch_bed-resized-6003.  Isn’t this creative and beautiful?  I don’t know where to get it but it could be custom made by a skilled craftsman.  It definitely feels like you are one with nature and is airy and whimsical too.

channeled_wall_headboard-resized-6004.  How about upholstering the whole wall?  This bed has a wooden headboard so you don’t get the  wall dirty but it’s the same color as the upholstery so isn’t noticeable.  I also love the built in closets on each side that add lots of good storage to a small room.

drapes_behind_bed-resized-6005.  Here is another way to use fabric behind the bed.  You can drape the wall even if there isn’t a window there for a dramatic headboard effect.  If there is a window but it is small or off center this is a good way to camouflage it.

embroidered_linens-resized-6006.  Luxury embroidered lines make a luxurious feeling bedroom.  Most are quite simple and understated with soft and subtle colors. There are lots of different designs available so you can find something that suits your personality and color scheme.

leather_books-resized-6007.  If you love to read in bed or if the library doubles as a library here is a great solution.  I love the simplicity of all the books being leather bound but that may not be practical if you have a large collection of books you actually read.  In that case the color scheme would be more lively but also work well for a combo room like this.

map_headboard-resized-6008.  Personalizing your bedroom with your favorite things is easy if you pick a theme and stick with it.  These maps make me want to travel – one of my favorite things but your theme might be genealogy, animals, flowers, your family, etc.  Doing this is most effective if you frame the pieces all in the same frames to create a collage that makes one object.

I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to creatively and beautifully design your bedrooms.