Do you love black and white but aren’t sure how to use it in the Interior Design of your home?  How about using it on the floor for a bold accent and pattern?

B_&_W_grant_gibson-resized-6001.  A large scale graphic like this black and white floor will keep the room bold but give it a refreshing new look. Courtesy

black_&_white-resized-6002.  The classic black and white checkerboard floor never goes out of style and can be used in almost any room.  It can be of marble, vinyl squares, carpet squares or painted.

B_&_W_painted-resized-6003.  I love what Mary McDonald has done here with the interesting graphic design on the wood floor.  The large scale of the pattern opens up the room and gives it life.

B_&_W-resized-6004.  The all white room can handle such a busy pattern on the floor.  The room would be quite boring without it. Courtesy


5.  Here is a unique way to treat a foyer floor.  The wood is painted with the design going in two  directions and does not compete at all with the furnishings in the room.  Courtesy Ty Larkins


6.  This foyer floor designed by Phoebe Howard is also stunning.  Even though the walls are dark the boldness of the floor and stong use of white make it feel larger than it is.

B_&_W_chevron-resized-6007.  Painting a hardwood floor is popular in certain parts of the US and here it’s done with a double border and wide chevron stripes.  Again it makes a nice statement.  This  sort of looks like brown and white but you get the idea. Courtesy


8. Curvilinear designs can be used for black and white floors too.  This one is used as a bold border.  Just use a simple pattern and blow it up to an over scaled and simplified version.  It can be used on the entire floor or just as a border like this photo.

B&W_tile-resized-6009.  This black and white marble floor is absolutely stunning when viewed from the stairwell.  The layout of the tiles was well designed so it would work both on the floor of the foyer but also from above.  That is no small feat!

In all these examples you will notice that the designs were bold large scale graphics.  You don’t have to stick to just stripes or checkerboards.

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