There is so much talk about color but sometimes you just want the clean fresh look of all white! Here are 6 examples of contemporary to classic styled rooms that have been designed perfectly.

white-resized-6001.  Here is white on white on white that works and the gray rug gives it a subtle background so the furniture doesn’t just disappear into the floor.  I also like the unexpected use of lace with contemporary furniture.

white_on_white_by_Jamison_Howard-resized-6002.  This white room by Jamison Howard is clean and fresh looking. It illustrates how you can mix contemporary and traditional and make it work.  The rug is a light off white to visually expand the space and soften the look.  The dark floor and furniture frames add a nice contrast.

white_with_black_accents-resized-6003.  The use of pure white with black accents in this ultra contemporary living room illustrates the ultimate in high contrast.  Everything about this room says simple and CLEAN!

white_room-resized-6004.  This lovely classic styled living room is all white with light colored furniture frames and is a perfect foil for any colored accents.  The slightly creamy draperies break up the wall to frame and show off the gorgeous windows. The pillows and throw are easily changed with the seasons or your mood – it’s an open canvas.

white2-resized-6005.  Here is another shade of white used effectively.  It’s an off white for a softer look and uses natural materials like wood and metal for accents.  This is a very approachable all white room.

chocolate_beth_webb_interiors-resized-6006.  Beth Webb Designs created a white room with brown accents but with a twist – dark walls this time.  Very dramatic don’t you think?

Happy decorating!