1.  Thanksgiving is a very special time and one of the few times many  people entertain in their homes.  Maybe this is the year to try something new in your decorating so here are some suggestions.  Of course you can use them to ignite your imagination and take it from there for your own creative expression.


1.  Is it Thanksgiving already in a couple weeks?  It sure creeps up fast once fall comes around.  Poem source unknown.

2012-10-19_1555-resized-6002.  Painting pumpkins seems to be a popular thing this year and this one is very whimsical.  You can design your own stencil by pasting cut outs, with easy remove glue from a craft store, onto the pumpkin in the areas you want to remain orange.  Then spray paint the entire pumpkin.  Once the paint is dry remove the pasted on parts and your design will be revealed.  source unknown


3.  If you want a very unique patterned pumpkin you can use Mod Podge, also from the craft store, to paste on pieces of your favorite gift wrap, thin fabric or pictures.  Finish the whole thing off with a final coat or two of Mod Podge and let it dry. The items you glue on need to be fairly thin so they will contour to the pumpkin but once done they will be unique and sure to be a conversation piece.  via


4.  Who says pumpkins can’t be used as candle holders or vases or both?  This example uses a cleaned out can to hold water for the flowers but you could also use a plastic glass cut to the right height.  It’s important that the hole in the pumpkin is the same size as the water container so your creations doesn’t wobble but it’s quite easy to do if you place the top of the water container upside down on the pumpkin and trace around it to know exactly where to cut the pumpkin.  via

bhg.com-flpwers-resized-6005.  Here’s a very creative way to use a pumpkin as a flower container.  Just poke holes into the pumpkin itself and place the flowers all around it. The moisture inside the pumpkins will be enough to keep the flowers looking good for a couple days.  via

bhg.com_-_metallic_paint-resized-6006.  Want a more elegant display of pumpkins and gourds?  Here you go – just spray paint them with a metallic paint or even a pearlized paint.   You could use all one color or mix up silver, gold and bronze. You could also sprinkle on some glitter to bling them up more. via

chatelaine.com_-_white-resized-6007.  I love the elegant simplicity of these all white pumpkins. Use pure white spray paint and you can use them as vases or just by themselves, as shown here. via

bhg.com_-_painted_doily_stencils-resized-6008.  How about some lace decorations for your pumpkins?  These are made using paper doilies as the stencil.  You should mask off the parts of the pumpkin not being painted so you don’t get overspray.  You can embellish them further with hand painting if you like. via

bhg.com_-_pumpkin_&_gourd_wreath-resized-6009.  What a beautiful wreath can be made with pumpkins and gourds.  These might be better made with imitation ones from the craft store and the leaves would also be silk leaves.  You only have to make this once and then use it each year when fall comes around. The weight of real pumpkins and gourds would be too much and they would rot. via

2012-12-24_0927-resized-60010.  Remember there is  always something to be thankful for and this is a perfect time to add up the blessings in our lives and share our good fortune with others.  Consider giving time and/or money to help other.  You can start now but don’t let it be a one time thing – continue sharing and helping throughout the year.  You will be greatly rewarded knowing you are helping others!  via