Crystal chandeliers bring to mind glamorous evenings in formal rooms but today they are also used in whimsical and more casual ways just for fun!

chalk_board-resized-600In olden days you would have never seen a crystal chandelier in the same room with a chalk board but it really works!

charlie_chaplin-resized-600How fun is this chandelier in a contemporary dining room?  The crystals are peaking out from a sheer drum shade.


Who said crystal chandeliers have to be clear?  And who says you only have to use one?  Think outside the box!

mirror_behind_tub-resized-600OK – I know this is the glam you expect, but why not put a crystal chandelier in the bathroom too.

bubbles-resized-600If you have a tall ceiling this crystal bubble chandelier makes a fun statement

new_modern_25_crystal_ceiling_light_lamp_fix_ebay-resized-600Here’s another crystal light fixture for a tall ceiling – great in a stair case!


Like an orbiting chandelier?  This one would definitely be a conversation piece although I don’t think it actually moves.

kitchler_42173ch_oval_crystal-resized-600An oval crystal chandelier is a different touch and catches the light and sparkles all along the table.

purple_chandelier_cyan-resized-600If you love color – try out a purple crystal chandelier – it will show your creativity.

black_la_murrina-resized-600If you prefer drama in your dining room – go for black crystal!

There are almost too many choices for light fixtures today but decide which general direction you’d like to go and then have some fun!