So much is being done with concrete today it’s mind boggling.  It is such a fluid material and if manufactured property has great strength and beauty.


1.  Here is a beautiful outdoor kitchen with cast concrete counters and a plastered pizza oven.  It’s simple and very functional and the concrete will hold up nicely to the weather.

concrete_ramp_sink-resized-6002.  This cast concrete counter made with a ramp sink is a stunner.  There is room enough for two people to use it at once and a seamless countertop too.

custom_concrete_tub_DC_concrete_San_Diego-resized-6003.  How about a custom tub made of concrete?  This one is by DC Concrete in San Diego.  What luxury!  Bold and dramatic, this one sits in a recessed section of flloor which will catch any splash over.

custom_tub_DC_Concrete-resized-6004.  Here is another custom concrete tub by DC Concrete.  This one is a graceful egg shape.

concrete_kitchen-resized-6005.  Instead of a concrete floor this kitchen has concrete walls and counters all the way.  It is warmed up so much by the thick wooden plank eating bar and the wooden floors.  It’s very serene.

concrete_in_LR-resized-6006.  Although cast concrete floors have been used in commercial properties for a long time they have now crept into residential spaces and not just kitchens and baths. Sometimes the entire house has concrete floors and they are often stained and polished so they have a nice finished look like this living room.


7.  The floors can also be made of concrete pavers like these pillow edged ones made by Sonoma Stone.  They vary slightly in coloring from tile to tile just like natural stone does.

concrete_lounge_chair-resized-6008.  This graceful concrete lounge chair looks so comfortable.  The only problem for me might be getting back up because it’s so low.  It could easily be sitting on some sort of platform though.

concrete_&_iron-resized-6009.  This knock off of a classic chair is eye catching but I’m not sure it’s comfortable for a long time.  A little cushion might help – maybe concrete colored?  A cushion would also keep it from being so cold.

faux_bois_concrete-resized-60010.  Martha has the right idea here.  This is a concrete table and base made to look like wood.  The technique is called faux bois (false wood).  Wouldn’t that look fabulous out in the yard or on the patio?