Summer is in full swing and families are busy with vacations and exotic travels.  Summer is also a time of wonderful vibrant colors all around us that make us happy.  Have you thought about bringing some of those happy colors into your home to enjoy them all year long?


We can be inspired by lots of things around us if we just take notice and incorporate them into our interior decorating.


1.  Bright colors like these can remind you of wonderful tropical vacations and keep you upbeat all winter long.


2.  Summer colors are pure, clean and vibrant like flowers in the summertime.  Check out your garden and the local nursery for color ideas.


3.  You can also look to the the vegetable garden for color inspiration – Carrots, red peppers, tomatoes and more.


4.  Use of summer colors can be playful like in this whimsical room.  Try bold fabrics as slipcovers and a focal wall of a bright color.  Paint and slipcovers are easily changed if you decide  to try something new and you can create exciting spaces without spending a lot of money.


Colorful artwork can also be a way to introduce summer colors into your rooms and it can be easily changed out with the season.  Art like this could be a do it yourself project by tracing a family member’s hand and then painting it in with saturated summer colors.

Have some fun with your home decorating instead of always taking the safe route.  It you do it properly it won’t be expensive but will lift your spirits and brighten your life.