Getting photos of your cat for Christmas may be challenging but well worth the effort.  Here are some very successful shots to inspire you.

kitty_-_love_chirstmas_-_facebook-resized-6001. ” Christmas is my favorite time of year – yum! ”  What a great photo this is – it must have taken  patience to get such a perfect shot.

madebymyrabbit-resized-6002.  “Bah, humbug!”  You must be kidding me!

sandygomagazine-resized-6003.  And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care………

ccpet-resized-6004.  You’ve heard of Cat in the Hat and Jack in the Box – how about Cat in The Box? I make a perfect gift that keeps on being fun long after the holidays are gone.

2012-12-22_1650-resized-6005.  Wait, I’m going blind!  Whose idea was this hat?

2012-12-22_1108-resized-6006.  I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and I’ve got my teddy to keep me company.

2012-12-16_1534-resized-6007.  Whoa – what is Santa doing on this tree – he has work to do!  And I’m going to get in trouble unless I get out of here quick.

2012-12-09_1725-resized-6008.  I’m all dressed up with ribbons and bells so let’s go party!

2012-12-22_1058-resized-6009.  This holiday is so exhausting – I guess they will expect me to take everything down when it’s over too!  We wish you a  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Herding cats isn’t easy, you know.