Creating a functional and beautiful home to live in may be your goal but can you do it without the help of a professional Interior Designer?  Many people think it can’t be that difficult and they can certainly go to stores or online and purchase items for their home, but will the completed project be successful and save you money in the long run?

2_tables_to_dine_for_12-resized-600Interior design is not just about picking pretty fabrics and colors.  You might think that’s all you really need so why pay good money to an Interior Designer when you are good with colors and have a “flair” for decorating yourself?  A good Interior Designer has the experience and skills to help you manage all the thousands of decisions involved and keep the project cohesive at the same time.  Photo source unknown

via_hubspot-resized-6001.  TIME – It takes a lot of time to source all the items to complete a room, let alone a whole house or a remodel.  If you work, you will have limited time to do the research necessary and the project will take much longer than if you hire  someone to help you.  If you’ve ever searched for just the right accessory, you know what I mean.  Even one pieces can take days or months and somehow the project never gets finished.  Via

money1-resized-6002.  MONEY – Hiring an Interior Designer may actually save you money.  They will be sure you buy things from quality manufacturers and be sure that the items are of the right size so your don’t end up with too much furniture for your room or pieces that are the wrong size or scale. Photo source unknown

high_point_shopping-resized-6003.  SOURCES – Interior Designers have so many more resources available to them than if you try to do it yourself.  Actually, there are many products and sources that are “wholesale only” so a homeowner would never even know about them let alone be able to buy them.  You will be limited to retail sources unless you have a friend who is willing to buy wholesale for you and even then your sources will be limited since they are not aware of the the quality and full spectrum of products available unless they are actively engaged in the Interior Design business.  Photo source unknown


4.  PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER – It’s not unusual for clients to call and say they have just bought the main pieces of furniture and now what they need is help “pulling it all together”.  It’s much harder for an Interior Designer to do that when they were not involved in the overall design plan and selecting of the primary pieces.  They must do the best they can with what you have purchased and it may not be ideal.  There is also a lot of time involved in accessory searching and less profit on each small item which will make you think they are overcharging for this service, but you have to understand that this is their profession – not just a hobby and time and knowledge is money.  Photo source unknown


5.  EDUCATION – Qualified Interior Designers get an Interior Design degree, take continuing education courses, attend seminars and trade shows, and keep abreast of current trends and products to better serve their clients.  This is expensive and time consuming but it allows them to be able to advise you properly so your project will turn out just the way you want it to.  Via


6.  EXPERIENCE – Interior Designers have years of experience with products, vendors and clients so they can advise you about their past experiences and steer you away from potential disasters. They can also resolve problems if they should arise.  I actually have 33 years experience and it’s extremely valuable to my clients.  Via

7.  CUSTOMIZATION – An Interior Designer can have items custom made for you, which will end up being just the right size, shape and finish so you don’t have to pick from selections which are close to what you want but not quite right.  Photo source unknown


8.  CREATIVE SOLUTIONS – Interior Designers can often come up with solutions and designs you would have never thought of.  They think outside the box to give you specialized and functional rooms that are customized to you and your needs.  Each home should reflect the unique individuals who live there and not just be “cookie cutter” rooms. Who wants to go to a friend’s house and see their exact furniture, fabric and all?  Photo source unknown


9.  ARTISANS  RESOURCES -Your Interior Designer will likely have a list of qualified artisans and subs they have worked with to fill your needs and project requirements.  These are valuable resources since they have been vetted by the designer and the suppliers have a vested interested in doing a good job so they will get more work through the designer. The Interior Designer has much more influence with them than a one time homeowner would.  Via


10.  RESOLVE SPOUSAL CONFLICTS – Your Interior Designer is often the only way to get a project moving forward when the partners have differing styles and opinions.  A professional outside  opinion carries a lot more weight than either spouse and can navigate through rough waters so the projects doesn’t stagnate.  Photo source unknown

If you are sure you can do it yourself, by all means do so, but if you need help don’t be too intimidated to call an Interior Designer.  You can ask friends for referrals and/or check out their resumes online.  You may be surprised how cost effective they could be and your finished projects will go much smoother and usually look more polished. What they charge for their services might be more than made up by the use of their resources and subs (who may be less expensive than ones your find on your own) so the designer will actually not cost any more than if you had proceeded on your own.