I consider cabinet hardware to be the jewelery that completes the look on a cabinet.  Old style cabinets with finger pulls never had the refined look that hardware adds.  It was an economical way to make cabinets because sometimes the hardware can be a little pricey (depending on which ones you choose) but the expense is a small part of the entire project and makes a lot of difference in the finished room.  Cabinet hardware comes in many different finishes.


Leather hardware really ups the tailored and masculine factor for a library or den.



These interesting knobs and handles could be used anywhere in the house.




Have you seen hand carved wooden pulls before?  They are very sophisticated when added to furniture and more traditional cabinets.



These knobs are beautifully carved in wax and then cast.  They have semi-precious gems in the center.



Speaking of gems – this hardware is made with crystals for a little contemporary “bling”.



These twisted pieces of hardware are interesting and can be use almost anywhere for a casual and playful touch.



Love bugs and small critters?  These may be just what you are looking for.  Animal and houshold pet hardware is also available.



Silverware hardware is available for kitchens and comes in several finishes.



 These stones have been carefully polished and then made into cabinet knobs.  They can work even if you are not a rockhound.



These beautifully textured knobs remind me of chocolates – always welcome!



Sleek shiny hardware is perfect for today’s contemporary cabinets and furniture.  The clean lines are elegant in their simplicity.



Here are some more pieces of hardware created by the lost wax method and have very intricate carvings.  WOW – wouldn’t they look great on a dresser or chest?  You don’t need too many when you use them on furniture.


Hammered hardware never goes out of style and these are exceptionally beautiful.  Notice there is even one in copper which should patina beautifully.



Don’t forget that backplates or escutcheons can really dress up simple hardware and take it to the next level.




These hand cast “manhandles” are one of my favoite styles of cabinet hardware and you only need a couple to make a statement and add some fun to your room.  They are available in several different metal finishes.

Open your eyes and look at your cabinets and furniture and see if there is some place where you could add new hardware and really update your rooms. You could spend as little as $50 or as much as several thousands, but it will make a huge impact.