Independence Day or Fourth of July is this week.  I always associate it with red, white and blue so why not look at new ways to use this color combination in Interior Design? Via

 tobifailrey.com_-_red_white_&_blue-resized-6002.  This color scheme doesn’t always have to be patriotic in theme.  This room has a nice crisp clean look just by using the colors appropriately.  Via

museinteriors_-_houzz-resized-6003.  Bedrooms can look great in red, white & blue too – with no trace of a flag in site!  Via

inthralld.com_-_r_w_&_b-resized-6004.  This bedroom boasts bold blue walls and the red chair with the touch of red on the pillows is just the perfect accent.  Via


 5.  White walls make the living room feel expansive and airy but the pops of blue and red give it life.  Via

lushhome.com_-_r_w_&_b-resized-6006.  Traditional rooms can use red, white and blue themes as well.  Here the rug colors set the tone and the bold red wall adds impact.  Via,_w_&_b-resized-6007.  Navy walls, a generous amount of white cabinets and small touches of red make this room very sophisticated but still carries out the red, white and blue color scheme.  Via

As we celebrate our independence this year, let us give thanks for our families, friends and all we have.  Share your joy and prosperity with others!