floor_plans_1-resized-6001. Everyone who knows my husband knows his favorite color is blue and polls show that it is the favorite of the majority of people in the United States. There are so many shades and nuances to blue it’s hard to decide where to start but I’ll give it a try.

blue_enhances_view-resized-6002.  This picture shows how blue can be used to enhance the outside view of the water and blue sky.

focal_wall-resized-6003.  Teal blue is used here as a focal point and really enlivens the green in the room.  Does it remind you of the avocado and turquoise of the 60’s?

jewel_tones-resized-6004.  The jewel tones in this room are anchored by the rich blue walls. Blues, purples and greens make a very inviting combination.

shades_of_teal-resized-6005.  Blue is a cool color and very effective in a south or west facing room to balance the color temperature of the room.  Here shades of blue create a soothing place to relax.

bunks-resized-6006.  Red, white and blue always works — and why not?  It’s our flag colors!

turquoise_&_lime_green-resized-6007.  A fresh new color combination these days is turquoise and lime green.  It is very young, fresh and lively.

Tiffany_Blue-resized-6008.  This aqua blue wall is mixed with lime green and has a touch of yellowish gold  at the drapes for a really clean and perky room.


9.  Blue and yellow is a timeless combination and they always work well together because they are complimentary colors.  It was Monet’s favorite color combination which you can see if you ever visit his home in Giverny, France.

Whatever shade of blue you lean towards, you really can’t go wrong if you add a dash of another color or neutrals like white and sand.